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Special Election Edition

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An Educated Retirement
is a Golden Retirement

At Red Rock Secured, we show you the facts. We uncover the trends. We channel the experts and dig deep to uncover what global market forces are revealing about your money and your economic future.

election edition

Red Rock Secured weighs the political fallout and economic ramifications of your retirement and the 2020 Presidential Election.

a year to remember

2019 was a break-out year for gold as a monetary safe haven, and its prospects for 2020 could be historic.

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about red rock

Red Rock Secured was built in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to help our friends and family rethink the best ways to securely diversify their retirement. With gold we will never relive a recession like that again!


Sean Kelly

Red Rock Secured is an extension of Sean Kelly. He built a retirement company that not only protects clients wealth, but operates with integrity and values.

Lead REsearcher

Trish Mahon

With countless publications in the gold and precious metals space, Trish brings not only high levels of intuitive experience but a proven methodology for market predictions.

Director of IRA Services

Jeff Ward

An avid Liverpool F.C fan, Jeff's passion for football is no match for his dedication to overseeing client experience in developing rock solid precious metals IRA accounts.

Director of account Services

Tony Spencer Ph.D

Dr. Tony Spencer, decorated U.S. army combat veteran, oversees the account services department. With an extensive background in developing precious metals portfolios, Tony focuses his efforts on ensuring that client expectations are not just met but continuously exceeded every step of the way.

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Everyday Red Rock Secured is empowering clients to reclaim their retirement, providing protection and security through diversification in gold, silver, and precious metals.


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